About us

The Jersey International Insurance Association ("JIIA") is a non-profit making organisation and was formed in 2010. Its purpose is to promote and develop Jersey's international insurance industry and to establish the island as a recognised jurisdiction for insurance business. This is achieved through its members and also through its relationship with Jersey Finance - the official body that represents and promotes Jersey as an International Finance Centre of excellence.

Membership is open to insurance managers and insurers as well as other professions which support the insurance industry, such as lawyers, accountants and investment managers. Individual membership is also open to anyone with an interest in Jersey's international insurance sector.

For many years Jersey has been attracting insurance professionals to the jurisdiction and insurance related business has been transacted in the island. With a well earned reputation as one of the foremost specialist international finance centres, a first class regulatory regime, and the necessary legislative framework in place. Jersey has an impressive platform from which it can encourage and attract significant levels of insurance, reinsurance and captive insurance business.

In addition, Jersey has a virtually unrivalled range of international banking institutions and specialist law firms when compared with its main offshore competitors. With the inclusion of the presence of the leading accounting/auditor firms and the Islands' investment expertise, few international finance centres can match Jersey's range of resources to support and assist the development of the Islands' insurance sector.